Wood Planers

No one wants to buy or use a piece that is rough and uneven. For this reason, the serious woodworker needs to use a wood planer. Wood planers are used to shave off layers of wood in order to even out a piece and make it smooth.

As with many other woodworking tools, planers can come in both handheld and stationary versions. Handheld planers are much more portable and can allow for accurate control of wood taken off. They are great for small-time woodworkers who do not have big projects to complete. Thickness planers are larger and not portable, but they are able to take on a larger workload and are ideal for the professional woodworker.

If you plan to do regular work with your wood planer, an included dust collection device can make a real difference. The sawdust coming off of a leveling job will be intense and can get in your eyes or clog up your workbench. A dust-collector can greatly reduce the impact of this problem, which is good for both safety and functionality of the machine. You also should consider the speeds that the planer is capable of. Some planers can only handle one or two speeds, while others have a more accurate speed selector. If you need your work to be quick or more accurate, you will want to pick a planer that allows you to change the speed to the exact setting you like.

Planers can be very useful tools that allow for a woodworker to use cheaper woods and less accurate cutting in the preparatory stages of his projects. They serve as a back-up to make sure the project will always turn out smooth and uniform. Wood planers should be a staple in any modern workshop.

Below you can find our wood planer reviews and we hope you will find the best planer suited for your individual needs.?


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