Table Saws

If you need an extremely accurate saw with a lot of power, the table saw is for you. Table saws are able to do many different cuts on many different materials without a problem. They can be an excellent resource for any handyman?s workshop.

There are two main types of table saws: the stationary table saw and the portable table saw. The portable table saw is more efficient than a circular saw, but it is limited in functionality compared to the larger stationary saw. Portable saws are a good choice for outdoor work or for a woodworker with limited space. Stationary table saws offer increased power output and more compatibility with add-ons and accessories. For the professional, heavy-duty woodworker with a large workshop, a stationary saw is the way to go.

Many other features should also play into a decision between table saws. For example, blade size is important. If you are using thin wood, you can get a smaller blade, but professionals with large projects will need a larger blade. Drive configuration is also something to consider when purchasing a table saw. Direct-drive motors link directly to the blade without any interference, while belt-drive motors have a belt connecting the motor and blade that transfers power. Belt-drive motors can last longer, but need more maintenance.

The table saw is one of the most useful and versatile tools available for the modern woodworker, but it is very important to pick the one that suits your needs. If you end up with a table saw that is not right for you, you might not be able to correctly perform all the actions that you could with the right saw.?

Below you can find our table saw reviews and we hope you will find the best table saw suited for your individual needs.?


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