Steel City 40200H Planer Review

Steel City 40200HThe Steel City Tool Works 40200H 13-Inch Planer offers a spiral, helical head cutterhead and 15 amp 120V motor (60 Hz) at a speed of 9,000 RPM. The patented helical head cutterhead has 26 indexible high speed steel or HSS inserts. This cuts for superior finish for a long job but works smoothly and quietly. The blades can cut a maximum width of 13 inches and a minimum thickness of 1/8 inch. For support and waste reduction, there are huge infeed and outfeed tables included. In fact, they are foldable for easy storage and mobility. Also, it has snipe lock system to minimize more snipe.

What makes this Steel City Planer unique from other 13-inch planers is its indicator of depth of cut. A user is able to know the depth of cut made with this advanced feature. This planer weighs around 80 pounds with a dimension of 20 inches high, 26 inches wide and 34 inches long. It may be a bit heavy but its design is compact which makes it easy and convenient to use and store. It is also quick and easy to operate with its removable switch key. Other features included are torx wrench, dust use for 2 and 1/2 to 4-inch hose, and a user manual.

Steel City Planer

Features and Specifications



  • A 13-Inch Planer with spiral, patented helical head cutterhead (with 26 indexible HSS inserts) for full weight planning or for long run cutting
  • Built with a universal 15 amp 120 V, 60 Hz motor at 9,000 RPM speed, with removable switch key
  • Attached with removable extra-large infeed and outfeed tables; Foldable for easy storage and tranrport
  • Includes a depth of cut indicator which is readable and accurate
  • Engineered with snipe lock system to minimize snipe and reduce waste
  • Cuts at maximum width of 13 inches and minimum thickness of 1.8 inch; Feeds 26 FPM
  • Packed with torx wrench, dust chute for 4-inch and 2.5-inch hose, and a user manual with parts breakdown
  • Offered with 5-year warranty


Customers Reviews and Ratings


From the several reviews created and testimonies shared by several customers, the Steel City Tool Works 40200H Planer garnered an average score of 3.7 out of 5. Among the customers who gave 5 perfect score said this is ?an excellent planer? and a ?well built machine?. He used it for numerous maple and cherry woods. It was easy to assemble, use and adjust. He also had no problem with noise because it has low level, plus the cutter can really cut well.

Also a 5-star rated review, this Steel City Planer is a ?very good and quiet planer? for another customer. He categorized the pros of this planer which includes that helical cuttinghead, width and height capacity, thickness, quiet operation, excellent chip extraction, support tables, and easy setup. Even though he gave a perfect score, there was one thing he didn?t like such as the ?single feed speed is too fast? for hardwoods.

This next review was rated 3 out of 5. The customer who gave this said there ?are helical cutter heads arranged in a true spiral pattern?, but this planer has a ?linear offset with blades cutting on the square?. When he used it for the first time, the unit ?tore out badly?.

Another customer had negative comments to say about Steel City 13″ Planer. He shared the pro and con he observed when using it. The pro include the ?planer itself? to work great and can cut smoothly without adjusting anything. The con is about the packing grease that must be wiped out but couldn?t work. Click here to read more customer reviews??

Overall, the Steel City 40200H Planer would not be a good purchase. It may only waste your money, first of all, if you are able to find other 13-inch planer that works better. This one can definitely cut wood but there are some issues to deal with which you may not like. So, to avoid frustration, it?s better to compare it with other products and see if there is any difference. From there, you can see which one really works best and if this 40200H planer can be considered with its price included.

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