Skil RAS900 Router Table Review

Skil RAS900The Skil RAS900 Router Table is the wood working machine for workers in a wood shop as well as home and do-it-yourself individuals. This router table is designed to be compact and portable for easy transport, simple usage and quick accessibility. It is made of efficient folding design to make storing more convenient. In addition, it has 2 storage containers for accessories.

One of the primary features of this Skil Router Table is the 2 featherboards which are mounted on the fence. It includes a 26-inch by 16.5-inch laminated-MDF top too with adjustable MDF fence faces. Additional feed shims are useful for jointing. These provide more accuracy during wood working and routing. Moreover, the included T-track located on the fence and table is able to hold featherboards as well as auxiliary jigs. The miter gauge is for the support of angle cuts or narrow pieces. Another feature is the bit height gauge. This makes assembly simple and easy while accuracy of cuts is enhanced. There is also starter pin and gravity guard for additional support to route the curved edges of wood pieces. With the quick-clamp router mounting, there?s no levelling necessary as changing bits becomes easy and quick. Other features include a dual outlet switch with lockout key and overload protection, and the 2.5-inch dust collection port that fits standard vacuum hoses.

Skil Router Table

Features and Specifications



  • A portable, compact, easy-to-assemble and simple-to-use router table system with efficient folding design for quick storage
  • Made of 26-inch x 16.5-inch smooth laminated MDF table top with tall fence featuring adjustable MDF fence faces and out feed shims
  • Equipped with 2 featherboards and bit height gauge for accuracy, plus T-track
  • Built with a starter pin and gravity guard for routing curved workpieces
  • Includes a quick-clamp router mounting for easy bit changes without leveling, and miter gauge for angle cuts and narrow pieces support
  • Operates through its dual outlet switch with lockout key and overload protection
  • Has 2 storage containers for accessories, and 2.5-inch dust collection port for easy attachment of a standard size vacuum hose


Customer Reviews and Ratings



There have few customers, or rather users, of the Skil RAS900 Router Table. They have different views and opinions based on their personal experiences of using it. Here are the things they have to say which may help you figure out if this router table system is what you are looking for or not.

One user of this Skil Router Table said this product was bought for his brother-in-law. He didn?t specify or explained further of how useful it was. Through the mood of his review, they both seemed to like using this router table. It?s also evident based on his score which is perfect 5.

Another 5-rated review was given because of the things he liked about the router table. From the time it arrived, he had no problem assembling it. It took him only a few minutes to set everything up. When he started using it, this router table ?was solid? and the cuts it made ?were very good?. For him, this tool is ?an excellent table? for its price tag and he?d recommend it but only for ?casual woodworking hobbyist?.

Another owner of the Skil RAS900 said this equipment ?works fine?. He found both the table and router to be a ?perfect match?, while other features were useful.

For another user, this router table system was very helpful to his business. It has the ability to accommodate many routers. He liked the dual outlet and shop vac.

The Skil RAS900 is ?good table for the money? for one more customer. It ?works well? but a ?slight rise in the table? was he encountered to be a minimal issue. Click here to read more customer reviews??

Overall, this Skil Router Table would be a good purchase. Based on its function, it does well for routing and wood working. The features from top to bottom and side to side are all helpful to make the process of routing or woodworking easy, convenient and fast for any users. Like what most customers have said, this is a tool that won?t waste your money as well as time. You can definitely rely on using this particular router table.

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