Shop Fox W1685 Dust Collector Review

Shop Fox W1685Do you need a durable but compact dust collection system? The Shop Fox W1685 Dust Collector is probably the answer. It features a 1-1/2-HP, 16 Amp 110-V single phase motor which is pluggable at a standard outlet from home to a business office. It is also built with a heavy duty 12-inch steel, radial fin impeller. Generally, this unit is able to accumulate dust as it consists of 5.4 cubic feet bag with a diameter of 19 inches and a depth of 33 inches. The base size is also portable with a measurement of21-1/2 inches x 33-1/2 inches. In addition, it has a total height of 78 inches with the bags inflated and around hundred pounds of weight.

At a speed of 3450 RPM, this Shop Fox Dust Collector is able to accumulate a maximum cubic feet of 1280 per minute. That implies fast collection of dust using its a removable ?Y? fitting dual 4-inch ports featuring a 6-inch inlet. It also includes a 30-micron bag filtration with a 10.1-inch static pressure. This dust collector appears in a powder-coated paint and made in a durable construction. By its features and technicalities, this dust collection system definitely helps in the suction of dust from air at a fast speed.

Shop Fox Dust Collector

Features and Specifications



  • Operated by 1-1/2 HP, 16-amp 110-V single phase motor at 3,450 RPM
  • Built with a heavy duty 12-inch balanced steel, radial fin impeller
  • Collect dust and other pollutants at 1,280 cubic feet per minute
  • Assembled with removable “Y” fitting dual 4-inch ports off a 6-inch inlet
  • Designed with a 30 micron bag filtration at 5.4 cubic feet and 19-inch x 33-inch dimension
  • Has 10.1-inch static pressure
  • Includes a portable base with a size of 21.5 inches by 33.5 inches
  • Finished in powder coated paint
  • Weighs around 100 pounds upon shipping
  • Measures 78 inches with bag inflated


Customer Reviews and Ratings



Despite the countable reviewers, the Shop Fox W1685 Dust Collector received an average rate of 4.4 of 5 stars. That simply suggests that there are happy customers using it. Yet, it is natural to be skeptical and doubtful which can only mean that you need to dig a little more information. Here are samples of reviews provided by firsthand experienced users.

Let?s start with 5 star rated reviews. One customer claimed it to be a ?great dust collector? because it ?does everything?. It sucks dust and debris so fast while it does not mess up because of its reliable dust bag attached with it. He also added that it?s easy to setup with the instructions listed on the user manual.

Another customer with a 5-star rate provided said this Shop Fox Dust Collector is what he?d been looking for. There?s no issue with its price that?s why he didn?t twice to buy it.

At 4-rate score, one user of this Shop Fox Dust Collector said that it ?works great but poor fasteners?. He didn?t complain or disagree that it?s a useful machine but the screws were the issue for him. He had to get new ones to replace them but assembling them was not a big deal either.

The Shop Fox W1685 1.5-Horsepower 1,280 CFM Dust Collector is also a good product for one more customer. He made his own research particularly this product and model of a dust collection system. From the shipping to its assembly, it?s the dust collector he needed. Click here to read more customer reviews??

Overall, this Shop Fox Dust Collector would not be a bad choice at all. It is a dust collector that works as expected at a reasonable price. It has a filtration bag included that can store dust and debris within a fast, few seconds. That simply implies that anything you need to clean up is done instantly. You won?t consume a lot of time while you invest with its efficiency in saving energy because it runs at any outlet. That being said, it is not a difficult choice to make especially if you are at emergency of getting one particular dust collector. You?ll never know its usefulness unless you really try. With its affordable cost, what else can you lose?

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