Ryobi ZRBS903 Band Saw Review

Ryobi ZRBS903The Ryobi ZRBS903 9-Inch Band Saw is one band saw that has survived the tests of time. It used to be a favorite tool of woodworkers and hobbyists. However, with the release of more innovative bandsaws, this bandsaw brand/model lost a few of its loyal customers. It is for this reason that Ryobi released this factory-reconditioned product. The reconditioned Ryobi BS903 band saw is currently even better than before.

This Ryobi band saw features a powerful 2.5 Amp induction motor and a 9 in. sized band saw plus 59 ? in. blade. With these features, cutting stock will never be the same again. Clean, sharp and accurate cuts can be expected.

It also features a blade tracking site window and a RapidSet blade tensioning system. Aside from ensuring user safety, these also help users breeze through the entire cutting operation.

With the rack & pinion blade adjustment feature, this band saw can ensure precise cuts. Its independent upper & lower track lock blade as well as miter gauge also guides users through cutting tasks. To help users see their work clearly, this woodworking tool also comes with a reliable work light.

Ryobi Band Saw

Features and Specifications



  • Factory-reconditioned product.
  • Powerful 2.5 Amp induction motor and a 9 in. sized band saw plus 59 ? in. blade for clean, sharp and accurate cuts.
  • Features a blade tracking site window and a RapidSet blade tensioning system for user safety and for an easier cutting operation.
  • Rack & pinion blade adjustment feature for more precise cuts.
  • Independent upper & lower track lock blade as well as a miter gauge for guiding users through cutting tasks.
  • Comes with a reliable work light to help users see their work more clearly.


Customer Reviews and Ratings



Browsing through all the customer reviews for the Ryobi ZRBS903, this band saw continues to receive mixed feelings from its users. The reviews are actually a combination of good and bad ones.

The first issue noted by users about this Ryobi reconditioned product is that it has poor packaging. There were users who are not so happy that the Styrofoam was left out and they just packed some paper & plastic blisters into it.

When it comes to set up, users found it easy enough. They find the machine well designed and well manufactured. However, it is not of professional quality.

There were also users who mentioned a few good things about the tension of its blade.? Its movable parts were also constructed from quality cast aluminum. Its parts are also very easy to adjust and they can stay locked into place during use. For the adjustment knobs, they?re of good size and they seem to work really well. When it comes to its miter gauge, users note that it could be better. It doesn?t have a T-rail and it has poor precision. In the manual, it also doesn?t mention that users still need to break in the saw blades. For all the other adjustments, it may take some time getting used to.?Click here to read more customer reviews?

Overall, this Ryobi BS903 band saw could be better. It does have its good sides but a majority of users seem to be more concerned over its flaws and what it doesn?t have. It only has a 1.8 star rating for average customer reviews. When it comes to availability, especially on parts; it?s like a hit & miss thing. With the comments, feedback and the low star rating, this Ryobi 9-Inch Band Saw may still have a lot to prove to serious woodworkers and hobbyists.

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