Powermatic 15HH Planer Review

Powermatic 15HHThe Powermatic 15HH 15-Inch Thickness Planer has a unique style of cutterhead to offer to buyers. It is designed with a Byrd helical cutterhead, which is made from stress-proof steel, that is able to produce smooth and fine finished boards. The cutterhead is also ultra efficient because of its 74 carbide inserts, arranged in spiral shaped rows, with 4-inch radius for easy reach at a 14-degree angle. It can cut as deep as 3.16 inch, and the included limiter plate limits a minimum cut of 1.8 inch (or less). With the powerful 3-horsepower TEFC 230-V enclosed, fan-cooled motor, this planer works fast, smoothly and quietly. It is also easy and quick to operate with its magnetic switch situated on the head assembly. Moreover, the motor has full length belt cover that is removable.

Other features of this Powermatic Planer are the smooth infeed and outfeed tables, and accurate depth of cut adjustments. The infeed roller is made of serrated steel, while the outfeed roller is constructed in smooth steel. Feed rates are 20 FPM for rough dimensioning material, and 16 FPM for smooth finish. With the 2-speed gearbox that includes an automatic chain tensioner and a knob for push or pull, shifting feed rates is easy to set.

This Powermatic 15″ planer also boasts its cast iron handwheel and 4 posts for stability, integrated dust hood for debris collection, and lock brake system which is foot operated). With a dimension of 48.0 x 28.0 x 43.5 inches in WHD format, this planer is not difficult to store but weighs around 500 pounds.

Powermatic Planer

Features and Specifications



  • Designed with top of the line helical cutterhead originally created by Tom Byrd, and a powerful 3-HP TEFC 230-V motor with magnetic switch and removable belt cover
  • Cuts 3.16 inch deep cut with a minimum full-width cut of 1.8 inch or less
  • Enclosed in a robust construction, welded steel base cabinet
  • Includes a serrated steel infeed roller and a smooth steel outfeed roller (20 FPM for dimensioning material or 16 FPM for smooth dimensioning), and 2-speed gearbox with automatic chain tensioner and a push-pull knob
  • Has brake lock system operated by foot, large cast iron handwheel and 4 posts for stability
  • Made with all-metal dust hood, handle, 4 hex wrenches and 2 open-sided wrenches, 3 bgads of fasteners, drive screwdriver, Torx Plus drive socket adapeter, 10 extra knives, a user manual and 5-year warranty
  • Measures 48 inches x 28 inches x 43.5 inches (WHD) and weighs 502 pounds


Customers Reviews and Ratings



The Powermatic 15HH 15-Inch Thickness Planer received an average 3.3 score out of 5 stars. It implies that the customers who gave reviews shared different testimonies, addressed issues and listed the advantages. It can help other buyers to read what customers had experienced to see how durable, efficient or useful a particular product is. So, here are some of the reviews of the planer provided by users.

One customer said that this Powermatic Planer is a ?powerful and solid machine?. He gave 5 stars because it?s was quiet during operation, run smoothly, easy to disassemble removal parts, and reduce snipe with the adjustment. From the day he got this planer, he had been using for many boards of thousand feet. He concluded that his high score was because this device has a good ratio in terms of value to performance. He would also recommend it for local small shops.

Another user said this planer is ?simple to set up? because it only took him an hour. He gave 4 out of 5 stars since it works smoothly and effectively. He also recommends it to any buyer who may be looking for a planer.

This next review has more cons to tell than pros. The customer gave only a low 1 score. He said it ?had a major manufacturing defect?, and ?the factory did not bevel the edges of the planer?. He asked for customer service and was confirmed to be a manufacturing defect. He was suggested to replace it a new uncrated planer but obviously disappointed already. Click here to read more customer reviews??

Overall, Powermatic 15HH Planer would not be a good buy. There are other 15-inch planers that provide a more effective and reliable use. You have to invest your money with something that you can use for a long time.

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