Porter-Cable PC60THPK Planer Review

Porter-Cable PC60THPKManufactured in a handy size and light weight, the Porter-Cable PC60THPK 6.0-Amp Hand Planer offers an effortless and quick solution to cut smooth and clean boards for various applications. This hand planer features a powerful, heavy duty 6 amp motor at 16, 500 RPM with 2 different blade types to select from (carbide blades or high speed steel blades). High speed steel or HSS blades are used to cut thick and durable boards, while carbide blades are for finer or smoother construction. Both of these parts are able to cut boards as deep as 5/64 inch in just a single feed. Moreover, this planer had a depth adjuster with 10 positive stops that are positioned at every 1/16 up to 5/64 inch.

This Porter-Cable Planer is made exclusively for contractors and individuals who can do some wood cutting at their own backyard.? It offers a low profile but easy adjustments of the various parts for easy and quick usage. There is a dual side dust extraction included through the dust bag that can accumulate debris leaving a clean site after some work. In addition, this planer has 11-1/2-inch cast aluminum shoe for a more leveled and squared result. This cast aluminum shoe is made of 3 chamfer grooves to make bevel cuts without difficulty. There is also a kickstand that can protect blades when the planer is not in use. To make job more effortless, this planer had a comfortable, molded grip handle.

Porter-Cable Planer

Features and Specifications



  • Engineered with 6 amp motor (16, 500 RPM), and 2 types of blades (high speed steel blades and carbide blades)
  • Includes a depth adjuster with 10 positive stops on every 1/16 to 5/64 inch maximum in a single pass or feed
  • Has an 11-1/2-inch cast aluminum shoe furnished in 3 chamfer grooves for easy bevel cuts
  • Attached with a kickstand to protect blades, dual side dust extraction with a dust bag to accumulate debris, replaceable motor brushes to extend the planer?s life, and a replaceable belt drive system
  • Made with a comfortable molded grip handle and a 6-foot grade cord
  • Package box contains 6 amp hand planer, 2 carbide blades, 2 HSS blades, wrench, dust bag, vacuum adapter, kit box, hard-sided kit box and user manual
  • Offered with 3-year warranty for parts and service


Customers Ratings and Reviews



There were only a handful of reviews made for the Porter-Cable PC60THPK Planer. However, it gained a very high score of 4.8 out of 5 stars. This result indicates that 98% of the reviewers or customers who shared some testimonies and comments were happy using this particular product. Let?s see if their reviews can help you decide whether this PC60THPK hand planer is ideal for your needs or not.

A high score of 5 was from a user who said that this Porter-Cable Planer is a ?very good tool?. It had features that ?worked well? as he did not find it difficult to control its depth adjuster. He did not also complain about the cut that?s adjustable while the unit is currently running. Even the exhausted chips were a plus for him.

The Porter-Cable PC60THPK is a ?great planer for all around use? according to one customer. He had used it for different projects.

A female reviewer said her husband used this hand planer. She would recommend it for some do-it-yourself job because she and her husband had proven the planer?s worth to do a good job.

Another user said this unit is ?quiet, powerful and steady?. He didn?t have any problems with noise or control, because everytime ?the wood was evenly, smoothly planed down?.

This last review was from a customer who have 4 out of 5 score. He was happy with the affordability of the product as well as the capabilities of the planer to do its function. His issue was with the adjuster because it?s difficult to move and the kickstand was somewhat fragile. Click here to read more customer reviews??

Overall, the Porter-Cable PC60THPK Planer would be a good buy. This tool can cut clean woods in a matter of time with little difficulty. Anyone from amateur to professional contractor can easily use it.

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