Porter-Cable 698 Router Table Review

Porter-Cable 698The Porter-Cable 698 Router Table is a lightweight, aluminum-made wood working machine. It is portable and flexible to use for both home and business uses. There is no difficulty attaching any pieces of wood furniture. That is because of the many useful features that provide easy adjustment, stability and accuracy. With that said, it makes working process easy, convenient and quick for anyone who?d use it.

This Porter-Cable Router Table has a pre-drilled hole that is used to mount and adjust its base.? That can accommodate router bits of 3.5 inch size. The legs are structured in a good height that provides room for any routers to employ. It won?t give any problem to a user with a standard height to use it.

Like other router table system, this one has a quick-adjust split fence that includes adjustable halves. It basically features 2 parts that enable a user to position from front to back or in a lateral point. The dust collection port is one basic feature that boasts this router table. It can accept any vacuum hose of 2.5 inches. There are also other useful accessories which include 2 starter pin positions, 2 inserts (large and small size), and miter gauge slot in 3/4 size.

Porter-Cable Router Table

Features and Specifications



  • A lightweight, durable and portable aluminum router table system
  • Easily attached to any wood working table
  • Comes with a pre-drilled hole for easy adjusting and mounting to accept 3.5-inch router bits
  • Designed with 2 legs in a standard height for stability and support
  • Made with a quick-adjust split fence in 2 sections: front to back and laterally; With independently adjustable halves
  • Has 2 starter pin positions, 2 inserts in small and large size, and 3/4-inch miter gauge slot
  • Includes a dust collection hood for 2.5-inch vacuum hose,
  • Offered with a 1-year limited warranty


Customer Reviews and Ratings



The Porter-Cable 698 Router Table was rated 5 from a content user. He had used it for many years and the ?very good first router table?. That didn?t give him any reason to sand or file. Plus, he liked the solid legs that couldn?t wobble or shake when using the router table. Overall, for him, it?s a router table system good ?for the money?.

One user also agreed with the opinion that this Porter-Cable Router Table is a ?great tool for the money?. It didn?t give him any hassle to attach the dust collector.

This next reviewer is a female who said her husband create a book case and used this particular router table system. The result of her book case was considered to be ?beautiful?, which indicated that the router table was a good help.

Another customer described this Porter-Cable Router Table to be ?small and sturdy? or in other words ?a good table?. He only had issue with the wooden guide because it tended to tear out. Other than that, there?s no problem using or adjusting the router.

A ?good product for the money? is how one other user described the Porter-Cable 698 Bench Top Router Table. He?d used it at his home and generally, it gave him the notion that it fits his ?budget and usage?.

For one user, it?s a ?decent table?. However, he found the fences to have 1-pivot point and they?re not attached. Still, he rated it a high score of 4 out of 5.

A work shop owner also used the Porter-Cable 698 for 7 years. In terms of its price, this router table would do its job without any issues. That?s what he had experienced in using it throughout those years. Click here to read more customer reviews??

Overall, this Porter-Cable Router Table would be a good purchase. Whether for home or business use, this router table system provides the reliability a user needs to work on some pieces of wood. It is a useful tool for polishing, routing and other specific wood working jobs. By its structural design, it is something that is not hard to deal with as you can easily transport and move it from one room to another area.

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