Jet DC-1100 Dust Collector Review

Jet DC-1100Designed to collect saw and wood dust, the Jet DC-1100 Dust Collector is the machine that is reliable to use at home and in work shops or construction business sites. It features a filtration bag that is easy and quick to install, 2-micron canister, a 4-inch removable hose and 1.5 HP 115-V fan cooled motor at remarkable 1,100 cubic feet per minute (CFM). The hose enables to suck dust and debris while particles are trapped in the attached bag. The filter is able to suck up 99% of dust particles up to 2 microns in diameter. The motor is fully enclosed made of a finned cast iron heat dissipation case to be able to run continuously. In fact, it is lubricated which suggests a free maintenance. The blower section has a switch panel to easily turn on or off the machine. Thus, a machine that?s easy to assemble, use and maintain.

Other features of this Jet Dust Collector include 4 removable casters for easy mobility with a large top mounted handle wipes, and ergonomic knobs for easy handling. The 4 free-swiveling casters are not only removable but also movable in any direction. With the remote control, you can instantly utilize the machine. Lastly, it is a machine that?s not a problem to store because of its compact design measuring 37 inches x 22.5 inches x 79 inches.

Jet Dust Collector

Features and Specifications



  • 1.5 HP 110-V fan cooled, single-phase motor in a fully enclosed and lubricated, finned cast iron heat dissipation case (free maintenance)
  • Pre-assembled with a blower section featuring a hose, a removable collection bag (5.3 cubic feet) and a canister kit with switch panel
  • Collects 99% dust particles as small as 2 microns at 1,100 cubic feet per minute or CFM
  • Sucks up particles through its 4-inch air flow hose which is removable
  • Designed with large ergonomic handle knobs, top-mounted handle wipes, 4 free-swiveling casters, and remote control
  • Built in a single stage design with industrial quality construction and all steel base
  • Measures 37 inches by 22.5 inches by 79 inches
  • Comes fully assembled with a 5-year limited warranty


Customer Reviews and Ratings



Out of 5 stars, the Jet DC-1100 Dust Collector garnered an average score of 4.7. Well, that?s at least for now because there will be other present customers or future owners who may still have to give their own reviews. Who knows you may be one of those possible new owners of this Jet dust collector. Before you conclude or make a decision, here are more details and information that can help you figure out whether this is the right dust collector or not.

One customer scored the Jet DC-1100 4 who said he ?needed a little work with a tap and die set?. What he meant was that he tapped a 6-mm hole which was missing in order to have the air intake needed, and a 10-mm die on the threaded rod of the filter by the use of a taper. Other than that, it?s a machine that?s fully built to function in sucking up dust without noise.

Among the reviewers who gave perfect 5 scores, this next user said good things about this Jet Dust Collector. One is that it?s ?very easy to assemble? because he only had half an hour to set up everything. He also thought that it?s built well but he wished the hose attachment fittings would have been upgraded. According to him, it ?seems more time consuming? to convert one hose to another.

Another owner gave his own review of the JET DC-1100. For him, it?s a dust collection system that ?exceeds expectations?. He was obviously wowed by the functionalities of this dust collector. He had lots of things to say about this dust collector from the assembly to the price, and filtration system to its easy maintenance. Click here to read more customer reviews??

Overall, this Jet Dust Collector would be a good product to choose, buy, use and keep for some time. It does the job of collecting dust particles at fast speed and time. Plus, the unit itself is made of good construction for durability while it has other features built for easy mobility.

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