JDS 14040 Dust Collector Review

JDS 14040The JDS 14040 Dust Collector features a 1.5 HP 110/220-volt motor that runs automatically after an on-switch. This motor is able to control the system in collecting dust particles at 1,250 cubic feet per minute (CFM) with a 12-inch static pressure. The machine won?t be completed without a blower suction and a filtration bag. Those are major features that accumulate particles as low as 1 micron up to 12 feet by 13 feet with 8-foot ceilings in just a minute. Furthermore, the replaceable bag attached on the bottom can store particles up to 42 gallon.

Other features of this JDS Dust Collector are 11-inch steel fan, 5-inch intake port with 2.4-inch (diameter) hose. The hose is easy to assemble and disassemble. Added to those is the remote control which is included that enables you to manage the entire unit instantly.

The overall height of this JDS Dust Collector is 76 inches. It is constructed with durable materials with sturdy steel base. In addition, there are 4 easy-gliding wheels for easy mobility. This machine is also easy to maintain as you can just empty the bag once it?s full. That also means you can wash it before another use.

JDS Dust Collector

Features and Specifications



  • 1.5 HP 110/220-V motor
  • Manufactured with a 42-gallon filtration bag which is removable for easy cleaning
  • Collects dust (1 micron) at a stunning maximum speed of 1,250 cubic per minute or CFM up to 12 feet by 13 feet with 8-foot ceilings
  • Has a 12-inch static pressure, an 11-inch steel fan, and a 5-inch intake port attached with 2 4-inch diameter hoses
  • Includes a sturdy steel base with 4 gliding wheels made for easy mobility
  • Built in vertical sleek design of a total height of 76 inches
  • Easy to use, as its parts are pre-assembled, and maintain; Comes with a remote control


Customer Reviews and Ratings



Reviews given by customers of the JDS 14040 Dust Collector shared some bad news but more on the good ones. That is because of the average rating of 4.3 which is close enough to the perfect score of 5 stars. Let?s see what some customers or owners said about this JDS Dust Collector.

One user of this JDS Dust Collector scored it 4 out of 5. He claimed it to be an ?excellent dust collector? because there?s no difficulty collecting dust particles. He would ?highly recommend? it too since it?s not very expensive at all. His personal favorite is the height. He?s able to store it in his shop. What he didn?t like is the bag support frame but no explanation whatsoever, but obviously why he rated it 4 instead of 5.

There?s also a similar review with the same score. The customer who had used this dust collector said it?s not a bad machine. It?s also a quiet one with a low price.

Others have a more reasonable explanation why they liked the JDS 14040. One example is the review given by a happy user who scored it an overall 5 star rating. From the price to the functionality, this dust collector is exactly what he needs. Other than those, it is made of good material which makes it more durable.

Some users with also perfect score said simple reasons. There?s somebody who liked how easy it was to assemble and use the machine. Another owner was happy with the overall performance in sucking up and filtering particles. Although they give high rating, most users of the JDS 14040 Dust Collector shared a few minor issues that are somewhat fixable. In fact, several of them had no problem replacing some parts. Click here to read more customer reviews??

Overall, this JDS Dust Collector would be a good product to use in accumulating dust and debris. The major function which is to collect dust is useful enough through its reliable and effective components. That implies a high quality product but when it comes to the pricing, this is something that can easily help you make a decision. You definitely won?t miss the chance of investing your money with it for that reason. If you are looking for a dust collection system that does the basic work with a possible long term use under a reasonable price, this is something to consider.

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