Grizzly G0440 Cyclone Dust Collector Review

Grizzly G0440The Grizzly G0440 Cyclone Dust Collector is a portable machine that cleans up dust, wood debris, and other pollutants. Its functionality works with the help of its main features. These include the TEFC Class “F” motor and 14.5-inch diameter riveted impeller. Once the device is plugged and switched on, the motor starts to accumulate dust that travels through the impeller. Once sucked up, dust remains in the steel drum that accumulates up to 35 gallon. Afterwards, it goes through the spun-bond polyester cartridge filter. Believe it or not, it can filter particles up to 99.9% from 2 to 0.2 sizes of microns. Other than these features, this dust collection system has a plastic bag attached.

In terms of mobility and reliability, this Grizzly Dust Collector is worth keeping. It is designed in a durable construction of 11-gauge steel blower housing. To add that, there is a 16-gauge steel cyclone body, a vertical motor support to avoid or at least lessen vibration, a support frame, and a 360-degree blower rotation to easily connect it to the duct system. The casters attached to the steel drum make the entire unit easy to transport and store. With the magnetic switch equipped on the machine, this Cyclone Dust Collector runs quickly at 1,354 cubic feet per minute or CFM.

Grizzly Dust Collector

Features and Specifications



  • Made of TEFC Class “F” motor
  • Separates heavy dust from fine dust and trap them in the 35-gallon drum made of steel, while fine particles are filtered through its built-in cartridge filter made of polyester
  • Filters particles around 99.9% from a small 0.2 size to 2 microns at 1,354 cubic feet per minute (CFM)
  • Designed with 14.5 diameter riveted impeller, plastic bag and a magnetic switch
  • Attached with casters located on the steel drum
  • Built with a vertical motor support, frame, 11-gauge steel blower housing, 16-gauge steel cyclone body and a 360-degree blower rotation
  • Can include steel legs (optional)


Customers Reviews and Ratings



With a score of 3 out of 5, the Grizzly G0440 Cyclone Dust Collector is either a good or bad choice. That is a rating that indicates if the product is useful enough or not. Well, let?s find out by some firsthand experiences and testimonies from users of this particular dust collector.

A customer claimed this Grizzly Dust Collector to be an ?excellent dust collector? that?s why he scored it a high rating of 5. Before he purchased it, he researched a potential dust collection system and found to be affordable plus the brand name?s quite endearing. It does a good suction performance but assembling the parts took him more than what he?d expected.

For another 5-rating review, a user said the Grizzly G0440 is a ?very cost effective dust solution?. Throughout the 3 years of ownership, this dust collector never became a problem. It was also a good investment for him because of its low price.

There?s also an owner who said that this dust collector ?still performs? like a newly manufactured product. In fact, he labeled it as a useful product for 2 years. He had no problem with leaks at all plus the motor?s ?still running strong?.

A customer who gave 2 score said he?s been using it for a year. He listed down the good and the bad. The good ones are that it?s a powerful machine with a nice remote control. The bad ones are the ?drum is too small, pleated filter cleaner is horrible?, and the filtration bag easily tears apart.
A much worse review of the Grizzly 2HP Cyclone Dust Collector was given. This customer scored it a very low 1. That?s because he had problems with the filtering system which he claimed it to be a ?low quality? one. There?s difficulty collecting fine dust and had to replace it which cost him some bucks. Click here to read more customer reviews??

Overall, this Grizzly Dust Collector won?t be a good buy. The most important part of every dust collecting system is the filter. Because of the reviews, you cannot accurately rely on its function to suck up fine dust particles and there are other dust collectors that have better filtration system.

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