Dust Collectors

Even for the hobbyist handyman, sawdust can become a real problem. It can gather in your workshop, getting all over your machines and causing you to constantly breathe it in. This can be an issue with the looks and functionality of your machines, as well as an issue with your own personal safety. For the reason, it is important that every workshop be equipped with a dust collector. These machines allow dust to be cleaned up without a hassle.

The most important consideration to make when considering the purchase of a dust collector is the amount of dust they can collect! You will need to figure out how much dust is being produced by each of your machines (measured in cfm, or cubic feet per minute) and calculate the maximum amount of dust that will be produced at one time. Your dust collector will need to be able to handle at least that amount of dust.

Another important consideration to make about your dust collector is the sound that it puts out when it is in use. If your workshop is inside your house and you might be using it at night, you will need a quieter collector. Dust collectors that are quieter are usually not as efficient as collectors that put out a lot of sound, so if you need a quieter collector you should look for one with higher static pressure. Machines with higher static pressure are stronger and able to suck in more air.

No matter which dust collector you choose to buy, it is extremely important to have one. Sawdust might seem harmless, but it can be an extreme health risk if ignored. Dust collectors can protect your lungs and your machines to make for a better workshop (and workman!) overall.?

Below you can find our dust collector reviews and we hope you will find the best dust collector suited for your individual needs.?


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