Delta 22-590 Planer Review

Delta 22-590The Delta Power Tools 22-590 Portable Planer features a 3-knife cutterhead and powerful 15 amp 120V motor with feed system that can cut wood fast, easy, smooth and clean. The knives are high speed steel (HSS), indexed and double-sided blades with 3x longer life than a normal set of blades. They are replaceable using the cutterhead wrench and blade magnet that helps prevent blade contact. There is also a height adjustable handle with indexing ring included for oversized cutterhead. This is able to provide easy adjustment of macro and micro cutterheads. The snipe reduction system with lock system for cutterhead is another feature this planer boasts. Lastly, the infinite micro-adjust depth enables a user to choose a dimension to make repeat cuts from 1-1/4 inch and 1-1/8 inch.

With the infeed and outfeed tables, cutting is not only smooth with this Delta Planer but is also neat and clean as it can help reduce waste and snipe. Plus, the 4-inch dust port is able to wipe away debris by connecting the dust collector. The full width material removal gauge informs the user the amount of material removed with every feed or pass. This enables utilization of the overall width of the cutterhead.

The use of the Delta 22-590 Planer is easy with its motor control on and off paddle switch. It is also easy to carry because of its compact size (14 inches long, 22 inches wide and 19.5 inches high). However, it weighs around 80 pounds to transport it.

Delta Planer

Features and Specifications



  • Built with 3-knife cutterhead (high speed steel or HSS double sided knives) and 15 amp 120V motor (60 Hz)
  • With snipe reduction system that includes a patented cutterhead lock system, as well as infeed and outfeed tables for waste and snipe reduction
  • Includes a full-width material removal gauge for the utilization of the entire width of the cutterhead, infinite micro-adjust depth for repeatable cuts and for the selection of a specific dimension from 1-1/4 inch and 1-1/8 inch
  • Made with oversized cutterhead height adjustment handle plus an indexing ring for macro and micro cutterhead adjustments
  • Comes with cutterhead wrench, blade magnet, 4-inch dust port with a dust collector, an on and off paddle switch control, and a cord
  • Weighs around 80 pounds
  • Measures 22 inches by 19.5 inches by 14 inches (WHD)


Customers Ratings and Reviews



The Delta Power Tools 22-590 Portable Planer received an average star rating of 4.2 out of 5. Most of the reviewers gave a high score of 5, while 2% gave low scores of 2 and 1. Let?s hear out what some of these customers said regarding their experiences and usage of the planer.

One of the customers who gave perfect score said ?this planer is a step up from the old Craftsman 2-blade planer?. That is because this planer features a 3-blade system. In addition to that, he liked how accurate and easy to adjust the thickness and to control the amount of snipe.

Another user rated the Delta 22-590 Planer 5 stars. He had researched until he chose this particular model of planer. He did not regret buying it as it gave him the expectation he had.? There was no any issue at all so he was very happy with his purchase.

One owner said he was impressed with how useful this planer was. He only wished that the tool would have been more portable, but still he rated it perfect 5.

A score of 2 out of 5 was given by a customer who thought this Delta Planer had some feeding and blade changing problems. He shared that it?s easy to set it up and the tables were sturdy. He was disappointed with the belt?s smell and noise of the motor. He found more cons than pros that?s why he gave a low score.

The other owner who gave a very low 1 score said he had issues with the drive belt and repair service. Click here to read more customer reviews??

Overall, the Delta 22-590 Planer would be a good buy. The blades and motor are the most essential parts of a planer and this one has those components to be reliable. If the drive belt system is the problem, it has to be tested first and see if it can provide noise and smell.

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