Bench Dog 40-001 Router Table Review

Bench Dog 40-001The Bench Dog 40-001 Router Table is a compact, versatile router table for wood working and routing. It offers flexibility and durability too while it is easy to transport and move. With those characteristics, it makes working easy, fast and precise.

This Bench Dog Router Table is a fully wood working machine made of sturdy aluminum frame and non-marring laminate top. Primary features include the easy-adjust sub fences, bit guard and a pre-drilled router plate. There is also an aluminum miter accessory track which can be adjusted so it can fit to various standard miter gauges. The accessory T-slots which are designed on the fence and table are helpful to mount featherboards as well as fence ricers, switches and stops. In addition, the dual fence slots allow a user to flip it with ease and in fast speed. Lastly, it has dust collection port in 2.5 size, which is a standard size that fits most vacuum hoses.

The twin steel rails are support of the router table. The enclosed cabinet made of birch plywood is responsible in the reduction of noise and dust. The rubber feet of the cabinet are also helpful because it prevents slippage of table and reduces vibration.

Bench Dog Router Table

Features and Specifications



  • An easy-to-assemble, versatile, portable and durable router table made of sturdy aluminum frame and non-marring laminate top
  • With easy adjustable sub fences, bit guard, and pre-drilled router plate
  • Includes an adjustable aluminum miter accessory track for miter gauges and accessory T-slots for mounting fence risers, featherboards, switches and stops
  • Has dual fence slots for larger work surface
  • Supported by twin steel rails
  • Enclosed in a birch plywood cabinet that reduces noise and dust with rubber feet for the prevention of? table slippage and reduction of vibration
  • Comes with 2.5-inch dust collection port
  • Measures 24 inches by 16 inches; Weighs 40 pounds
  • Offered with a limited lifetime warranty and user instruction


Customers Reviews and Ratings



The Bench Dog 40-001 Router Table is a ?very good? router table for one customer. He scored it 5 because of the features that he found it reliable and useful. Among the advantages he listed are the top, aluminum track, router plate and plate holes.

Another customer gave the same score but has a different kind of review. At first, he bought this router table system with ?wrong instructions?. He had no problems or complaints in regards to how the table was made or manufactured, only with the user manual.

?Solid and easy to assemble? is how one user of the Bench Dog 40-001 ProTop Contractor Benchtop Router Table described it. He also added that the ?overall build quality is very good?. It takes less time to build something with the use of this particular router table system.

One user was also happy using this tool. He had ?no major complaints? because he found it to be a ?good? and ?very solid? router table. Even if he isn?t an expert, he?s still positive that this is a useful router table system.

This Bench Dog Router Table is a ?good product? for one more owner. He said the product item was shipped to him without any delay and damage. It was also easy to assemble. Most importantly, he had expected it to function well which it did.

This customer was disappointed when he used this router table. He said he had to ?figure some things? on his own. He tried asking for customer support and it took some time. The missing screws he needed were given though afterwards.

Another complaint was about its packaging and assembly parts. He had no problem with how the router table functions but he had to drill the holes. He also experienced a no response when he asked help through customer service. Click here to read more customer reviews??

Overall, this Bench Dog Router Table would be a good buy. If you are looking for a compact and portable router table, this one works as expected. You only have to be aware of some minor issues you may encounter but in terms of performance there?s no doubt this equipment is useful.

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