• Band SawsIf you are a woodworker or hobbyist who needs to cut curves or cut through thick lumber, you need a band saw.
  • Circular SawsFor the man or woman who is always building something new, a good circular saw is a necessity.
  • Dust CollectorsEven for the hobbyist handyman, sawdust can become a real problem.
  • Reciprocating SawsIf you need a saw to help with construction work, electrical work, plumbing, or other trades, you need a reciprocating saw.
  • Router TablesIf you are making a cabinet or another piece that needs to be hollowed out, you will need to use a router.
  • Table SawsIf you need an extremely accurate saw with a lot of power, the table saw is for you.
  • Tile SawsIf you need to cut tile for a project, you cannot just use any of your other saws.
  • Wood PlanersNo one wants to buy or use a piece that is rough and uneven.



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